English meaning: pretty, beautiful; useful thing (?)
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schöner machen, schwindelhaft verschönern”
    Note: only nominal
    Material: O.Ind. mañjú-, mañjulá- “already, mellifluous”, maṅgalá- n. “good Omen, luck”; Osset. mäng “deceit”; Gk. μάγγανον n. “ magical cure, magic potion; philtre, Kriegsmaschine” etc. (out of it borrowed Lat. manganum “Maschine”, Alb. mangë “Hanfbreche” etc., M.H.G. mange “Wurfmaschine”, Ger. Mange(l) “Wäscherolle”), gr*μάγγων (out of it Lat. mangō “betrugerischer Händler”), μαγγανεύω “betrũge” etc.; M.Ir. meng “ deception, artifice”, mengach “verräterisch”; from Ger. mange derives O.Pruss. manga “Hure”, Lith. mánga “ungezogene person”; Toch. A maṅk “blame, fault, error”.
    References: WP. II 233, WH. II 28 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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